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About US

ZeniFi is a startup founded by IIT and BITS alumnus, ZeniFi aim to make quality healthcare more accessible, affordable for common people by providing them the best in class easy EMI options at healthcare facilities.

At Zenifi, we are dedicated to transforming patient care and ensuring that financial constraints never hinder access to quality healthcare services. We understand the challenges faced by clinics in supporting patients who require medical procedures but face financial limitations.
     Our healthcare loan facility is designed to be swift, efficient and easy for all the parties in the medical industry. 
By partnering with us, your clinic/hospital can provide an invaluable experience to your patients—access to affordable, flexible, and hassle-free financing for their medical needs.

By partnering with us, you can easily boost your practice by at least 20%.

Our Mission

  1. Enhanced Patient Care: By offering our healthcare loan facility, you empower your patients to prioritize their health without worrying about immediate financial burdens. This inevitably leads to higher patient satisfaction and loyalty to your clinic.

  2. Increased Treatment Acceptance: Many patients delay or forgo essential medical procedures due to financial concerns. With our financing options, your clinic can significantly increase the acceptance of recommended treatments, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.

  3. Seamless Integration: Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing processes, making it effortless for your staff to offer and manage patient financing. It's a hassle-free solution designed to provide maximum comfort to both patients and clinics.

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